We would say that our auto leasing service is the best you can find in all of Manhattan without a hint of doubt. This is because of the feedback we have got from our customers. Our current customers are extremely happy with the service that we offer them and are glad and thankful that they made the wise decision to lease their car with us. If you do not believe us, you can talk to one of customers and see for yourself. We are happy to provide you with a reference to increase the credibility and reliability of our agency and its services.

Online Services

As you may know, operating an online platform offers our customers many benefits. What they are unaware of, is the fact that as an agency, we too equally benefit from this decision. The lack of a physical outlet has enabled us to save a great deal of money. For example, we do not have to hire sales staff since all our information is available in our website. You do not have to be subjected to endless pestering and biased reviews since all our updated information is impartial. This reduces our overhead costs to a great extent.

The money that we save this way is invested on enhancing the service experience of our customers. For example, Manhattan Car Lease offers loan services for customers who cannot afford to make large monthly payments. This service is facilitated through the money that we save by our drastically reduced maintenance costs. Therefore, working as on online agency enables both parties to be equally satisfied.

Services and Amenities

If you are looking for something more than a regular car leasing service, you have arrived at the right place. We offer our customers a wide range of amenities to ensure that all your services are met in one place. For example, we offer free delivery for all our cars. It doesn’t matter whether you are leasing an entry-level car or SUV, you vehicle will be delivered safely and on time for free. The car will be driven by one of our experts who are able to handle any type of vehicle. So be assured and stay at home, since Manhattan Car Lease is great at door delivery as well.

Also, we offer lease transfers too. Let’s say that you are cancelling your lease before the agreed time period. It could be either due to a sudden financial crisis or because you are moving to another state for work. Regardless of the reason, you can expect full assistance from our company. Instead of just terminating the lease, we will help you to find a suitable candidate to transfer the lease to. This way, you do not have to spend your time looking for people while you balance your tight schedule. We are sure that we will be able to find you someone reliable from our large pool of candidates. This service is mutually beneficial for both parties.

To know more about our additional services, call us on 646-307-4820. We are happy to help.